Sunday, November 11, 2007

Badger Weekend Report

The Badger Men claimed a 4-0 win on Friday despite being outshot 43 to 24 by North Dakota. Shane Connelly was very, very good in the victory.

On Saturday the Badger Men were terrible in a 3-1 loss, with Shane Connelly being the only exception. I made the effort to get down to the game, and was shocked by the lack of "spark" by UW. There was a scuffle between all 10 skaters on the ice near the end of the game, and all 10 were sent to their locker rooms since they would not have a chance to get out of the penalty box before the game was over. Mike Eaves was not very happy about the scuffle, and had to be separated from Dave Hakstol during the handshake. Too bad the team couldn't have brought that same intensity to the game....