Friday, November 09, 2007

Mike Haviland on Jack Skille

In an interview with Rockford head coach Mike Haviland, Hockey's Future asks about Jack Skille. Here's the pertinent part of the interview:
HF: How is Jack Skille doing? Is he trying to work on any specific aspects of his game to prepare for the next level and what kind of progress is he making?

MH: ‘Skills’ has made tremendous progress. He’s a true power forward. I had him at the end of last year and now this year. He has unbelievable speed and he’s great coming down the wing. He’s a big strong kid and he’s going to get bigger and stronger. He just needs to bring it every night. That’s what we’re working with him on. He needs to finish his checks, work hard on the forecheck and create turnovers, play the power forward game.