Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Linkorama

As you know, Brian Elliott is playing for Ottawa tonight. Yesterday DPlaya gave the link to Todd Milewski's blog; here's another link to Andy Baggot's entry in the Badger Blog. Edited to add -- Elliott wins!

Milewski chatted with Mark Osieki about the Badgers young defensive corps. And speaking of our young defensemen, Elliot Olshansky of CSTV has a nice article that I believe I neglected to mention last week. And since we're talking about young Badgers, I should point out that Baggot has reminded us that the Badgers are the youngest team in the WCHA, has written about finding the right balance between youngsters and veterans, and has written about how different players learn. Also, Tom Oates discusses the importance of quickly getting the freshmen up to speed.

David Leathers of the The Badger Herald has a nice article today about freshman Hilary Knight, and Eric Levine of The Daily Cardinal has a nice article today about sophomore Meghan Duggan. Also, in addition to recaps of the series v. Robert Morris, Baggot had an additional column this weekend on the Badger women's team.