Monday, October 08, 2007

Shattuck St. Mary's Boys & Girls Prep Teams

The Shattuck St. Mary's website has been messed up for the past few weeks, making it impossible to see the rosters of either their boys or girls prep teams. They seem to have the problem fixed, so here's links to what you'll want to take a peek at:

Boys Prep Roster
Boys Prep Stats
Girls Prep Roster
Girls Prep Stats

For the Boys team, both Derek Stepan and Jordy Murray are UW recruits. For the girls team, Whitney Nelson is in her first year on the Prep Team and is a Junior, Amanda Kessel (yes, it's Phil & Blake's sister) is in her second year on the Prep Team and is a Sophomore, and Brianna Decker is in her third year on the Prep Team and is a Junior. Also, Senior goaltender Barb Bilko previously lived in Oshkosh, Wisconsin prior to leaving for Shattuck St. Mary's.