Thursday, October 04, 2007

Badgers Overseas

To complement our list of Badgers playing professionally in North America, here's a list of Badgers playing overseas. All credit goes to puckembucky who provided the list -- I just added links to the team websites. (For some players I was able to link directly to their profiles, but for others you'll have to navigate the sites.)

Bernd Bruckler -- Espoo Blues (Finland)
Mickey Elick -- Heraklith VSV (Austria)
Kelly Fairchild -- Vienna Capitals (Austria)
Dan Bjornlie -- Vienna Capitals (Austria)
Shawn Carter with the Nuernberg Ice Tigers (Germany)
Barry Richter -- EV Zug (Switzerland)
Niki Siren -- SCRJ Lakers (Switzerland)

Greg Poss (coach) -- Adler Mannheim (Germany) -- I couldn’t find Poss on the team’s website, but here’s a picture!