Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is The Bye Week Over Yet?

The Badger men are coming off a bye week, and this weekend's games can't come soon enough for me. You can take your pick of articles today in TCT, The Badger Herald, and The Daily Cardinal, or you can check out Eaves' Monday presser, where he talks about coming off the bye week, Michigan Tech, Blake Geoffrion, the young defensive corps, Sean Dolan, and the competitive nature of the team.

Moving on to the Badger Women, here's Mark Johnson's Monday presser and yet another article about Hilary Knight.

I haven't seen anything official, but it sounds like the Vetter, Zaugg, Lawler, and Duggan, as well as McKenzie, Miller, and Marvin for Minnesota may miss this weekend's series, as they need to be in Sweden for the Four Nations Cup Nov. 7-11.