Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Boys High School Hockey Team Previews #7-#10

The teams that finished between #7 & #10 in boys high school hockey last season have many things in common. They all graduated a large number of players, they all lost over half of their team's goals from last season due to graduation, and they're all going to be hard pressed to finish as high in the standings as they did last season because of their significant losses via graduation.

#10-Arrowhead-The team's graduation losses begin with All-State forward Zach Kohn who notched 75 points last season as well as forward Rick Wozniak who had 56 points last season. All told Arrowhead graduated 4 forwards, 2 defensemen and 2 goaltenders. Nearly 63% of their goal-scoring has graduated.

GF 118 - GA 58

Losing 8 Seniors - 74 Goals (62.7% of offense)

(F) Zach Kohn: 33g-42a = 75 pts
(F) Rick Wozniak: 33g-23a = 56 pts
(F) Casey Clark: 6g-9a = 15 pts
(F) Derek Hein: 1g-5a = 6 pts
(D) Matt Martell: 1g-2a = 3 pts
(D) Peter Janecko: 0g-3a = 3 pts
(G) Alex Koeppen: .880 Sv%
(G) Chris Frederickson: .872 Sv%

#9-Wisconsin Rapids-Like Arrowhead, they are a team that lost both high-end talent and depth. A total of 11 seniors graduated...8 forwards and 3 defensemen. Among the biggest losses were All-State defenseman Josh Nelson and Honorable Mention All-State forward Anthony Knuth. Over 58% of their goal scoring graduated.

GF 110 - GA 35

Losing 11 Seniors - 64 Goals (58.2% of offense)

(F) Anthony Knuth: 12g-14a = 26 pts
(F) Tony Drollinger: 7g-14a = 21 pts
(F) Zach Janke: 7g-12a = 19 pts
(F) Josh Uttermark: 9g-10a = 19 pts
(F) Nathan Schill: 9g-7a = 16 pts
(F) Ke'Alohi Apuakehau: 6g-3a = 9 pts
(F) Brent Saylor: 2g-2a = 4 pts
(F) Drew Anderson: 1g-2a = 3 pts
(D) Josh Nelson: 9g-19a = 28 pts
(D) Brock Hudak: 2g-3a = 5 pts
(D) Brandon Franz: 0g-4a = 4 pts

#8-Madison West-With almost 73% of your goalscoring having graduated, including Honorable Mention All-State forward Jacob Esch, you've got some holes to fill. A total of 5 forwards, 3 defensemen and a goaltender graduated last season.

GF 92 - GA 64

Losing 9 Seniors

(F) Jacob Esch: 23g-26a = 49 pts
(F) Nathan Hertz: 20g-16a = 36 pts
(F) John Kim: 8g-4a = 12 pts
(F) Kris Kiley: 2g-7a = 9 pts
(F) Ben Heumann: 0g-0a = 0 pts
(D) David Hettenbach: 7g-10a = 27 pts
(D) Ryan Vanden Avond: 4g-4a = 8 pts
(D) Peter Carpenter: 3g-1a = 4pts
(G) Chris Hill:

#7-Kettle Moraine/Mukwonago-What do you do when 80% of your goalscorers graduate? That's the question facing this team. They graduated the largest senior class I have ever seen from one team. No fewer than 15 players graduated last season including 8 forwards, 6 defenseman and a goaltender. Among them was All-State forward Andy Michals, All-State defenseman Evan Jeszka, Honorable Mention All-State defensman JD Frank and Honorable Mention All-State goaltender Dustin LeClaire. One returning bright spot for the Lasers is junior defenseman Sam Frank, who is also playing for Team Wisconsin Minor this season.

GF 121 - GA 31

Losing 15 Seniors

(F) Andy Michals: 24g-32a = 56 pts
(F) Ron Chmill: 14g-17a = 31 pts
(F) Andy Biwer: 16g - 12a = 28 pts
(F) Tristan Krause: 19g-8a = 27 pts
(F) Spencer Ellena: 2g-9a = 11 pts
(F) Ian Robinson: 4g-5a = 9 pts
(F) Ben Wiedenman: 2g-5a = 7 pts
(F) Jack Hansen: 2g-1a = 3 pts
(D) Evan Jeszka: 4g-10a = 14 pts
(D) Ben Cabush: 3g-9a = 12 pts
(D) JD Frank: 3g-6a = 9 pts
(D) Eric Good: 2g-3a = 5 pts
(D) Stu Iverson: 2g-1a = 3 pts
(D) John Schoback: 0g-3a = 3 pts
(G) Dustin LeClaire: .947 Sv%