Thursday, June 28, 2007

Maxin' & Relaxin'

Please don't send out an APB for me over the next week....I will not be posting as I'm headed out on vacation. Chuck Schwartz may be posting some stuff for your reading entertainment, but I am just going to be sitting in a boat, on a river, catching fish (or maybe just getting sunburned).

See ya in a week or so....


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Three Games Down at National Camps...

USA Hockey seems to have scrapped their website for now and are using the same stats package they use for Chicago Showcase. Hopefully that will make relaying players' statistics much easier and more reliable....

Here are the Boys Select 16 numbers after three days of games:

Wisconsin Players

G-Kyle Miller- Royal -75 minutes played, saved 29 of 31=93.55%, .067 GAA
D-Eric Johnson- Maroon -One penalty today, one goal, one assist and one penatly overall
F-Cody Johnson- Royal -No stats yet
F-Nick Widing- Grey -one assist today, two assists total
F-Sean Little- Grey -one assist today, two assists & three penalties total
F-Kord Miller- Maroon -one penalty total

Indicated He's Interested in the Badgers
D-Bjorn Krupp- Royal -one and a half penalty minutes total

Here are the Girls Select 17/18 numbers after two or three games (half the games from today still are not recorded):

Wisconsin Players
G-Rachel Weber- Green -25 minutes, saved 13 of 13, 0 GAA-2 games played
D-Brittany Carlson- Teal -1 penalty today, 4 penalties total-3 games played
D-Maggie Mickelson- Royal -1 penalty today, 3 penalties total-3 games played
F-Dawson Bancroft-Short- Gold -2 penalty minutes total-3 games played
F-Brookley Rogers- Red -1 assist today-1 goal, 2 assists and 1 penalty total-3 games played

Former Wisconsin Player
G-Barb Bilko- Orange -50 minutes played, saved 29 of 31, 93.55 sv. %, .67 GAA-3 games played
Future Badgers
D-Ann Dronen- Teal -No stats yet-3 games played
F-Hillary Knight- Royal -2 goals today-3 goals, 1 assist & 1 penalty total-3 games played
D-Olivia Jakiel- Royal -No stats yet-3 games played

New Faces for the Badgers

The fourth installment of the Badger Preview videos is now online at This week's video discusses the new faces that will be in the lineup for the Badgers this season.

Monday, June 25, 2007

National Select Camps: Boys Select 16/Girls Select 17 & 18

Here are the Boys Select 16 numbers after two days of games:

Wisconsin Players
G-Kyle Miller- Royal -No numbers available
D-Eric Johnson- Maroon -One goal and one assist (but is listed w/3 points total)
F-Cody Johnson- Royal -No stats yet
F-Nick Widing- Grey -one assist total
F-Sean Little- Grey -one assist
F-Kord Miller- Maroon -one and a half penalty minutes total

Indicated He's Interested in Badgers
D-Bjorn Krupp- Royal -one and a half penalty minutes total

Here are the Girls Select 17/18 numbers after one game:

Wisconsin Players
G-Rachel Weber- Green -No stats available
D-Brittany Carlson- Teal -No stats yet
D-Maggie Mickelson- Royal -Two penalty minutes
F-Dawson Bancroft-Short- Gold -Two penalty minutes
F-Brookley Rogers- Red -One goal, but credited with 2 points

Former Wisconsin Player
G-Barb Bilko- Orange -No stats available

Future Badgers
D-Ann Dronen- Teal -No stats yet
F-Hillary Knight- Royal -One goal, but credited with 2 points
D-Olivia Jakiel- Royal -No stats yet

Badgers in NHL Draft Get Hockey's Future Mention

Hockey's Future talks about the big publicity night UW had Friday during the NHL Draft with three players selected in the first round.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

USA Hockey Boys & Girls National Development Camps Underway

Girls Select 17/18

Wisconsin Players
G-Rachel Weber- Green
D-Brittany Carlson- Teal
D-Maggie Mickelson- Royal
F-Dawson Bancroft-Short- Gold
F-Brookley Rogers- Red

Former Wisconsin Player
G-Barb Bilko- Orange

Future Badgers
D-Ann Dronen- Teal
F-Hillary Knight- Royal
D-Olivia Jakiel- Royal

Today is the first day of game action. At this point the new USA Hockey website does not work nearly as well as the previous version, and I can't pull any game information off their site for the Girls Select 17/18. I have managed to get some for the Boys Select 16. At any rate, use the links provided for each player to see if the stats get updated eventually.

Boys Select 16

Wisconsin Players
G-Kyle Miller- Royal
D-Eric Johnson- Maroon
F-Cody Johnson- Royal
F-Nick Widing- Grey
F-Sean Little- Grey
F-Kord Miller- Maroon

Indicated He's Interested in Badgers
D-Bjorn Krupp- Royal

From the information I've been able to piece together, Royal downed Grey 8-2, while Maroon beat Navy 6-5. Nick Widing had an assist, Sean Little had a penalty, and Bjorn Krupp had a penalty. Eric Johnson is credited with one goal and two points, but no assists. The stats for every game are not working properly, so

Erstad,Turnbull & Blake Kessel Are Drafted

Former Stevens Point High School star and future Wisconsin Badger Travis Erstad was drafted by St. Louis yesterday in the fourth round. Wisconsinite Josh Turnbull from Hayward, who will join the Badgers this season, was selected in the fifth round by the Los Angeles Kings. In the sixth round, the New York Islanders grabbed Blake Kessel.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Future Badger NHL Draft Linkorama

The Detroit Free Press writes about the selection of Brendan Smith, as does the Detroit News and

INCH talks about Turris and McDonagh.

The Arizona Republic writes about Turris and the Coyotes. There are quotes from Gretzky about Turris in the article, and Turris admitted that earlier in the week when he met Gretzky at breakfast he just ordered what Wayne ordered. has the scoop on Ryan McDonagh.

The Burnaby Newsleader managed to keep up with Kyle Turris during the draft as well.

This Tucson TV station thinks NHL teams feared Turris playing college hockey rather than in the NHL next season. Oh well, I guess everyone in the desert can't be expected to understand how it all works....

Post Draft Video Interviews with Turris, McDonagh and Smith

The NHL has videos on the three Wisconsin draftees from last night.

Here's the Kyle Turris video. He talks about being nervous and speaking with Wayne Gretzky.

Here's the Ryan McDonagh video. He talks about needing to learn French after being taken by Montreal.

Here's the Brendan Smith video. This is the best video of the three. Smith admits to being speechless when he shook Steve Yzerman's hand on the podium. He is very genuine and talks about the other Badger draftees including calling Turris a "sniper". Smith talks about wanting to win a National Championship, and describes Wisconsin's recruiting class as "stacked". At the end he admits he doesn't know how to sing "On Wisconsin" but is really, really likeable in this interview.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Three Incoming Badgers Selected in First Round of the 2007 NHL Draft

Incoming UW Freshman recruits Kyle Turris, Ryan McDonagh and Brendan Smith were all selected in the first round of the NHL Draft tonight. Kyle Turris was selected third overall by the Phoenix Coyotes, Ryan McDonagh was selected twelfth by the Montreal Canadiens while Brendan Smith was chosen by the Detroit Red Wings with the 27th selection.

Friday Turris and McDonagh Linkorama

USCHO has notes on both Turris and McDonagh.

McDonagh gets a few paragraphs without mention of Turris.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Klubertanz Fined for Cow Tipping

Current Badger Kyle Klubertanz and former Badger Jeff Slinde were each fined $200 today for tipping over a sculpted and decorated cow sitting in front of the Kohl Center at 2 AM on August third.

Thursday Turris Linkorama

The Blues know they don't have a shot at Turris unless they move up in the draft using their three first round picks, but the St. Louis Post-Dispatch spoke with him anyway.

TSN in Canada might have gotten some good information on Turris, including the fact that he had breakfast with Wayne Gretzky, but someone needs to let them know it's the Kohl Center, not the Cole Center.

The Sporting News asked Turris if Gretzky bought him breakfast. His response? "I can't comment on that because of NCAA rules".

The Cherry Hill Courier-Post indicate the Flyers have had their eye on Turris for a while. The story also has lots of great quotes about Turris from Scouts and GM's, and he is compared to Paul Kariya and Scott Gomez.

The BCHL website addresses some of the rumors out there about which teams covet Turris.

The Charlottetown Guardian interviewed Doug MacLean, former President and GM of the Columbus Blue Jackets who selected Turris first in The Sports Network's 2007 NHL Mock Draft. MacLean compares Turris to Paul Kariya, Steve Yzerman and Joe Sakic.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Three Amigos

Andy Baggot just put out a really nice article on how Ryan McDonagh, Kyle Turris and to a lesser extent, Brendan Smith have already gotten to know each other really well, even before stepping foot on campus. It seems McDonagh and Turris even played on a team together in a tournament when they were 13 or 14.

The other great thing about this piece is that it really shows the atmosphere the coaching staff is instilling in the team, and the types of quality young men they are recruiting.

Turris to Play in Canada/Russia Under-20 Series in August

Kyle Turris has been selected to play in a special Canada/Russian Under-20 Series beginning August 27th. The series is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series between the two countries. The schedule includes 2 games in Russia followed by four in Canada.

I can't imagine this series is going to be over by the time first semester starts...I wonder if Turris is going to miss the beginning of his first semester on campus to play in this event? If so, so much for getting off to a good academic start before the hockey grind kicks in....

Wisconsin Rapids Native Named to Atlantic Hockey All-Academic Team

Brendan Olinyk, a Freshman defenseman for Connecticut who is originally from Wisconsin Rapids, was named to the Atlantic Hockey All-Academic Team.

Sara Bauer and Alando Tucker Named UW Athletes of the Year

Sara Bauer and Alando Tucker were named UW Athletes of the Year today. Congratulations to both of them.

Wednesday Turris Linkorama

Kyle wonders if he's dreaming about all the attention and his status as a top flight first round NHL selection.

The Philadelphia Daily New breaks down the top picks including Turris.

Kyle Woodlief hosted a draft chat that involved several questions regarding Kyle Turris and Ryan McDonagh.

USCHO touts Turris as well.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nate Condon Mention in Model Camp Report

Western College Hockey has a post up from attending the Model Camp last week and makes mention of Nate Condon from Wausau West (under Team 5 vs. Team 6 in the report).

You Can Become the PA Voice of the Badger Women's Hockey Team

If you've got a great set of pipes and think you've got what it takes to be the voice of the Lady Badgers, UW Athletics is looking for you. The Badgers Women's Hockey Team is among several UW teams looking for a PA Announcer.

Maybe I should give my friend Jamie a call in Minneapolis-he is the PA voice for the Gopher Men's Hockey Team and perhaps would be interested in a promotion. (It's all in good fun Jamie and Jen....hope all is well with you guys and the kids!)

Tuesday Turris (and McDonagh) NHL Draft Linkorama

Here's your daily dose of Kyle Turris NHL Draft talk, with a little bit of Ryan McDonagh NHL Draft talk thrown in as well for good measure.

Bob Johnson to be Inducted into Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame

Badger Bob Johnson is one of five individuals who will be inducted into the Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame this year on Wednesday, October 24th.

Edit: Here's another article that was just put out on the same topic from

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Scout's Thoughts on Several Badgers and Wisconsin Natives

Max Giese is a former goaltender for Janesville high school and is currently a Scout for McKeen's. Here are his thoughts on the NHL Draft including some very interesting insights on many future Badgers and several Wisconsin natives.

Giese has these future Badgers and Wisconsin natives ranked in the top 100 draft eligible players:

#1 Kyle Turris
#4 Ryan McDonagh
#43 Brendan Smith
#51 Blake Kessel
#82 Craig Smith
#85 Josh Turnbull
#92 Travis Erstad

Max also has some categories that lead off the article such as "Diamonds in the Rough" and "Softest" in which several Wisconsin players are listed.

It's interesting that Max thinks Travis Erstad is not as good as Derrick LaPoint at the same point in their careers, but that he is better than Brent Gwidt at the same point in their careers.

Lindsey Cashman Joins Vermont Women's Hockey Team

The University of Vermont today put out a release on their twelve incoming players for 2007-2008 including Lindsey Cashman, who played for the Wisconsin Wild last season.

Badgers Season Preview Video #3

The Badger's third season preview video featuring Brian Posick and Mike Eaves is now online. This video covers the Badgers schedule for the upcoming season.

TSN Draft Rankings

TSN has their draft rankings out with future Badgers Kyle Turris #3, Ryan McDonagh #11 and at #28 Brendan Smith.

Monday's Turris Linkorama

I think I might have to make this post a daily occurrence up to the draft. So without further ado, Monday's Turris Linkorama....

An article with pictures from The Vancouver Province.

This article is from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and addresses one of Turris' strange pre-game rituals and it's possible origins.

Thanks to 60 min. for this link which is Turris' part of the Top Prospects Conference Call. I'm sure she stumbled onto this link while listening to the Brad Winchester and especially the Tom Gilbert end of year interviews that are on the same page....

Saturday, June 16, 2007

"W" to Meet UW

Both the UW Women's Hockey Team and UW Men's Track Team are national champions, and as such will be visiting the White House and have to opportunity to be recognized for their accomplishments by George W. Bush.

Turris Gets More Love

There's not much new information in this piece on Kyle Turris from the Burnaby NewsLeader, other than maybe some detail on how hard the Vancouver Giants pursued him last offseason. It is though a very complete article about Turris, his family and his hockey background.

I am amazed that everyone he comes into contact with praises him for his leadership and the class with which he handles himself. The other thing I have seen repeatedly in articles is that Turris is so dedicated to getting better that he sticks very closely to a set dietary regimen. Based on what I continue to read, Turris very well may help a lot of the Badger players set the bar a little bit higher when it comes down to doing the "little things" that help teams become champions, even though he will only be a Freshman.

Here's another article on Turris from the NewsLeader with a different photo.

This article is a scout's look at Turris' game.

Joe Pavelski Building Strength

The Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier has a nice article on Joe Pavelski, who is spending part of his offseason there.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bauer repeats as University Division Academic All-American of the Year

UW Women's Hockey forward Sara Bauer has been named University Division Academic All-American of the Year by ESPN the Magazine for the second straight year.

Future Badgers Final Rankings from Red Line Report

Andy Baggot has a post today about the final Red Line Report rankings for Kyle Turris (3), Ryan McDonagh (10), Brendan Smith (49) and Travis Erstad (205th). McDonagh and Smith were recognized as players that are amongst the best skaters, while Turris was recognized as among the best skaters, among the fiercest competitors, one of the best natural goal scorers, and among those having the most natural hockey sense.

Updated USHL 30-Man Protected Lists

All USHL teams have updated their 30-man protected lists, with not a whole lot of change. Here's a team by team look:

Cedar Rapids-Michael Johnson, Madison Capitals
Chicago-Aaron Schmit, Culver
Des Moines-Jefferson Dahl, Eau Claire Memorial
Green Bay-Nick Graves, Green Bay Jr. Gamblers
-Ryan Little, Fond du Lac HS
-Seth Soley, Eau Claire Memorial
Indiana-Brent Gwidt, Lakeland HS
Lincoln-Travis Erstad, SPASH
-Ross Henry, Team Illinois
Affiliated List for Lincoln-Taylor Kuypers, Madison Edgewood
Ohio-Justin Cseter, Menomonie HS
-Niko Kapetanovic, Wisconsin AAA
Omaha-Jake Hauswirth, Marquette Rangers NAHL
-Justin Johnson, Eau Claire North
-Matt Thurber, Madison Capitals
Sioux City-Kyle Lundey, Middleton
Sioux Falls-Tedd Falk, Homestead HS
-Sam Zabkowicz, Culver
Tri-City-Kyle Ensign, New Richmond HS
-Sean Wiles, Beloit
Waterloo-Blake Kessel, Madison Capitals
-Keegan Meuer, Madison Capitals/Memorial HS
-Brett Olson, Superior HS
-Craig Smith, Madison Capitals
Affiliated List for Waterloo-Brock Montpetit

In 2006-2007 there were 22 Wisconsinites on USHL rosters. There are currently 23 Wisconsinites on USHL protected lists and 2 Wisconsinites on USHL affiliated lists. One Wisconsin player was removed from a protected list-Eric Springer of Team Illinois who had been on Cedar Rapids' protected list.

Nick Graves is one of only two goalies on the protected list for Green Bay, while Michael Johnson is one of three goaltenders on Cedar Rapids protected list.

Teams will need to cut down their protected list to 25 players by July 1st.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Turris & McDonagh Remain Stationary in Final ISS Rankings

Kyle Turris and Ryan McDonagh remain stationary in the latest and final ISS Top 30 Rankings. Turris remains #3 and McDonagh remains #19.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Eaves & Posick Video on Badger Offense

The second installment of the Badger Season Preview is now available here. In the video Brian Posick and Mike Eaves discuss the Badgers' prospects on offense this season.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Future Badger Draft Videos

Here are some draft videos of future Badgers. I have not yet been able to locate one for Brendan Smith:

Kyle Turris video
Ryan McDonagh video
Travis Erstad video

Turris' video appears to be from a BCHL game, while McDonagh and Erstad were filmed at the Upper Midwest High School Elite League.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sioux City Tryout Rosters

Here are the rosters for the Sioux City Tryout Camp. The only Wisconsinite that I was able to pick out is Kyle Lundey, who played for the Gold Team.

Black Team

Forwards: Ben Kinne, St. Paul, Minn. (Santa Fe Roadrunners); Alex Tuckerman, Orleans, Mass. (Musketeers); Steve Quailer, Arvada, Colo. (Rocky Mountain Wranglers); Nathan Pageau, Stoney Creek, Ontario (Musketeers); Josh Kamrass, Norcross, Ga. (Santa Fe Roadrunners); Noah Kemgar, Bemidji, Minn. (Bemidji High School); Patrick Nelson, Cary, N.C. (Cincinnai Jr. Cyclones); Marcus Andary,m Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. (Sault Blue Devils); Nolan Smith, Billings, Mon. (Bozeman Icedogs); Daniel Krug, Buffalo, N.Y. (National Sports Academy); Jacob Johnston, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. (Sault Area High School; Nick Kenney, Wixom, Mich. (Lakeland Metro Jets)

Defense: Matt Crandell, St. Cloud, Minn. (Musketeers); Adam Hout, Ladera Ranch, Calif. (Los Angeles Jr. Kings); David Brown, Cloquet, Minn. (Cloquet High School); Colin Smith, Centerville, Ohio (New Jersey Hitmen); Geoff Gieni, Sault Ste. Marie (Soo Indians); Ami Peled, Encino, Calif. (Twin Cities Junior Lights); Zack Waxenberg, Del Mar, Calif. (Anaheim Junior Ducks); Justin La Douce, Saginaw, Mich. (Soo Indians).

Goaltenders: Sean LaDouce, Saginaw, Mich. (Lakeland Metro Jets); Spike Alvarez, Anchorage, Alaska (Dubuque Thunderbirds).

Gold Team

Forwards: Kyle Lundey, Middleton, Wis. (Dubuque Thunderbirds); Anthony Miani, Shelby Township, Mich. (Musketeers); Spencer Heichman, Yorba Linda, Calif. (Musketeers); Michael Degrazia, Novi, Mich. (Alpena Icediggers); Jake Johnson, Duluth, Minn. (Duluth Denfield High School); Justin Brossman, Westlinn, Ore. (Vernon Vipers); Tommy Olczyk, Long Grove, Ill. (Chicago Mission); Justin Longley, Thunder Bay, Ontario (Thunder Bay Kings); Travis Peckskamp, Sauk Rapids, Minn. (Sauk Rapids High School); Bho Olsoh, Excelsior, Minn. (Dubuque Thunderbirds); Grant Dye, Anchorage, Alaska (Alaska Wolves); Matt Rappaport, Livingston, N.J. (Berkshsire School).

Defense: Justin Troiani, Woodbridge, Ontario (St. Michael's Buzzers); Alex Stuard, Sauk Rapids, Minn, (Musketeers); Joe Hartman, St. Cloud, Minn. (Alexandria Blizzard); Pete Starett, Bellingham, Mass. (Catholic Memorial High School); Alexander Charette, Wolverine Lake, Mich. (Tecumseh Chiefs); K.C. Kranz, Bloomington, Minn. (Bloomington Jefferson High School); Do Dolan, St. Paul, Minn. (Hill-Murray High School).

Goaltenders: Scott Zacharias, Dublin, Ohio (Syracuse Stars); Alexander Hess, St. Cloud, Minn. (St. Cloud Cathedral High School).

Green Team

Forwards: Tommy Serratore, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Colorado Rampage); William McDonald, Alphyaretta, Ga. (CulverAcademy); Eddie Olczyk, Long Grove, Ill. (Musketeers); Kyle Greco, Hillside, Ill. (Springfield Jr. Blues); Chris Preziosi, Lake Hiawatha, N.J. (New Jersey Jr. Devils); James Krusic, Escanaba, Mich. (Musketeers); Mathew Sisca, Woodbridge, Ontario (Mississauga, Ice Dogs); Matthew Amico, Buffalo, N.Y. (Valley Jr. Warriors); Matt Nordhagen, Thief River Falls, Minn. (Minnesota Owls); Eriah Hayes, La Crescent, Minn. (La Crescent High School); Thor Skalski, Brighton, Mich. (Wallaceburg Lakers); Tyler Schwartz, Chanhassen, Minn. (Holy Family High School).

Defense: Seth Helgason, Faribault, Minn. (Faribault High School); Cody Butcher, Anchorage, Alaska (Merritt Centennials); Steve Jensen, Watchung, N.J. (Liberty University); NathanTaurence, Trenton, Mich. (Detroit Little Caesars's); Spencer Bye, Lansing, Mich. (Capital Centre Pride); Jack Callahan, Red Bank, N.J. (New Jersey Rockets); Daniel Petrick, State College, Pa. (St. College Lions); Jay Cox, Knoxville, Tenn. (TPH Thunder).

Goaltenders: Josh Robinson, Frankenmuth, Mich. (Musketeers); Stephen Madej Garden City, Mich. (Michigan Ice Dogs)

Red Team

Forwards: Jon Swavely, Reading, Pa. (Valley Forge Minutemen); Travis Oleksuk, Thunder Bay, Ontario (Musketeers); Nick Curry, Bettendorf, Iowa (Musketeers);Marco Insam, Milano, Ill. (Notre Dame Hounds); Jarrod Memis, Alton, Ill. (St. Louis Jr. Blues); Greg Burgdoerfer, East Setauket, N.Y. (Capital City Selects); Sean Sullivan, Worcester, Mass. (Boston Jr. Bruins); Andrew Hafner, Toledo, Ohio (Toledo Cherokee Jr. B); Ryan Frost, Corona, Calif. (L.A. Junior Kings); Brett Prechel, Phoenix, Ariz. (P.F. Changs U-18); Scott Soborowski, Novi, Mich. (Trenton Sting); Nicholas Osadchuk, Scottsdale, Ariz. (Shattuck St. Mary's).

Defense: Mike Keenan, Weymouth, Mass. (Catholic Memorial High School); Dan Wurden, Fargo, N.D. (Musketeers); Rick Doriott, Blaine, Minn. (Wichita Falls Wildcats); Laurie Gieni, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. (Soo Indians); Braden Kinnebrew, Anchorage, Alaska (Alaska All-Stars); Elliot Richardson, Hanmer, Ontario (Valley East Cobras); George Hicholes, Brooklyn, N.Y. (New Jersey Rockets).

Goaltenders: Steve Thompson, Anchorage, Alaska (Vernon, British Columbia, Vipers); Adam Brow, Yorba Linda, Calif. (Los Angeles Selects).

Wisconsin High School Elite League Registration is Open

The Wisconsin High School Elite League is now registering players. For more information, click here. There are slots for 240 kids on 12 teams between the U16 & U18 divisions.

The link indicates that 209 players participated on 10 teams. 24 league players were named to All-State hockey teams, and the Region 6 U16 team advanced to the USA Hockey Regional Tournament in St. Louis.

Brian Elliott's Road to Ottawa

The Ottawa Citizen has an article today discussing the Ottawa Senators' goaltending situation, including the likelihood that Brian Elliott could surface in Ottawa any time soon.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Kevin Patrick Remains UW Assistant This Season

Kevin Patrick has learned he will not be named Head Coach at Alaska Fairbanks and thus will remain with the Badgers this season. The candidate that was selected is not yet known, but will likely be announced today at a press conference.

Edit: Doc DelCastillo has been named Head Coach of the Nanooks.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Girls Team Wisconsin U19 Tryout

WAHA has posted the place, dates and times of the Girls Team Wisconsin U19 tryout on their site.

Zabkowicz Observations from Sioux Falls Camp

Western College Hockey has a post on the Sioux Falls Tryout Camp All-Star Game, which includes some thoughts on Wisconsinite Sam Zabkowicz.

Mark Johnson Adds USA Hockey Coaching Duties

Mark Johnson has been named to lead the U.S. Women's Under-22 Select Team for the U-22 Series with Canada in late August. He will also be a part of the Women's National Festival in August and the Women's Holiday Camp in December.

McBain, McDonagh & Geoffrion Invited to National Junior Evaluation Camp

Current UW forward Blake Geoffrion, defenseman Jamie McBain and incoming defenseman Ryan McDonagh have all been invited to participate in the National Junior Evaluation Camp in August.

The complete camp roster can be found here.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hickey Stands Out at Storm Camp

Western College Hockey has a post on Tri-City's All-Star Game at the end of their tryout camp. UW recruit "(Chris) Hickey was probably the best player on the ice" and scored a goal in the game.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Brendan Smith Meets "The Bike"

UW recruit Brendan Smith had a fairly typical reaction to the two tests known simply as "the bike" at the NHL Combine.

Wisconsinites in USHL Tryout Camps

In the Sioux Falls tryout camp, Jake Drewiske was not present. The Stampede had left him off their protected list. Tedd Falk from Homestead HS also was not present for the Stampede's Camp. I have to wonder if their camp conflicted with his high school graduation.

In the Rough Riders tryout camp, forward AJ Sheehan from the Madison Capitols did not make the All-Star Game at the end of camp.

In the Storm tryout camp, veterans Sean Wiles and Sam Zabkowicz both made the All-Star Game, as did UW recruit Chris Hickey. Jordan George, formerly of Madison Edgewood and currently of the Russell Stover Midget Minors was in camp but did not make the All-Star Game. Kyle Ensign did not participate in camp, likely due to the injury that put him on the shelf most of this past season.

I have already posted about the Gambler's tryout camp, but forgot to mention that one of the goaltenders that made the All-Star Game, Garrett Beckwith, is a potential UW recruit.

Fairbanks Coaching Decision Expected by Friday

Andy Baggot is reporting that Alaska Fairbanks should decide on their next Head Coach by Friday. UW Assistant Kevin Patrick is one of four finalists for the job.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Gambler Tryout All-Star Game Rosters

Here are the rosters for the Green Bay Gamblers All-Star Game during their tryouts this weekend:


1 G Beckwith Garrett 6'1/160 1/90 Parsippany New Jersey New Jersey Devils U16
33 G Rank Kyle 5'11/170 8/87 Islip New York New York Apple Core
3 D Shea Robert 5'11/185 7/90 Harrison Township Michigan Belle Tire AAA
4 D Johnson Taylor 5'9/175 10/89 Hugo Minnesota White Bear Lake H.S.
5 D Slavik Chris 6'0/180 12/88 St. Michael Minnesota Elk River 14.5.
7 D Rushing Reed 6'0/185 2/88 Seattle Washington Alaska Avalanche
9 D Jundt Tyler 6'0/195 3/88 Williston North Dakota Green Bay Gamblers
10 F Mueller Andrew 6'0/190 5/89 New Berlin Wisconsin Wisconsin AAA
11 F Ginand Phil 6'2/190 4/88 Milford Massachusetts New England Huskies Mercyhurst
14 F Lee C.J. 5'10/165 4/89 Staten Island New York Green Bay Gamblers
15 F Morissette Christian 5'10/177 3/88 Beaconsfield Quebec Canada St Andrew's College RPI
17 F Johnstone Jacob 5'10/175 5/90 Grand Ledge Minnesota Capital Centre AAA
18 F Hayes Anthony 5'11/182 1/89 Canton Michigan Green Bay Gamblers
19 F O'Neill John 6'0/170 4/90 Ramsey Minnesota Anoka 14.5.
22 F Bozoian Sam 5'11/180 1/87 St Charles Missouri Harvard Crimson
23 F Borisenok Michael 5'8/170 2/88 Watervilet New York Green Bay Gamblers New Hampshire
25 F Grimstad Garrett 6'0/175 11/88 Rochester Minnesota Green Bay Gamblers
27 F Levine Josh 5'10/205 11/88 Bloomington Minnesota Bloom. Jefferson H.S. Princeton
28 F Soley Seth 6'1/185 12/89 Eau Claire Wisconsin Eau Claire Memorial H.S.
29 F Norstrom David 6'1/185 1/87 Visby Sweden Visby/Roma

1 G Crandall Aaron 6'0/181 3/90 Lakeville Minnesota St. Thomas Academy
31 G Graves Nick 5'10/180 7/88 Hewitt Wisconsin Green Bay Gamblers
3 D Zych Evan 5'11/185 4/89 Kilbride Ontario Canada Georgetown Raiders
5 D Saracino Chris 5'10/190 1/89 St Louis Missouri St Louis Jr. Blues
7 D Hannon Jake 5'10/180 4/88 Amherst New York Syracuse Stars
10 D Weiss Dan 69./180 1/89 Ballwin Missouri Springfield Jr. Blues
11 D Arbour Joe 6'3/195 7/90 Duluth Minnesota Duluth East H.S.
20 D Dieter Baylor 6'3/195 1/88 Bloomington Minnesota Green Bay Gamblers MN State-Mankato
4 F Michalak Kellen 511/185 6/90 Caro Michigan Flint Jr. Generals
8 F Santana Ryan 6'0/190 11/88 Yorba Linda California Green Bay Gamblers
9 F McCabe Andrew 5'11/190 1/88 Eau Claire Wisconsin Fairbanks lee Dogs
12 F Youso Jacob 6'0/178 6/90 International Falls Minnesota International Falls 14.5. Minnesota
15 F Flaherty Keegan 6'0/175 3/90 Duluth Minnesota Duluth East H.S.
17 F Ringuette Phillipe 6'1/205 10/88 Ste-Bathe Quebec Canada St Andrew's College
19 F Bussey Steve 6'3/205 9/87 Duluth Minnesota Minnesota Ice Hawks
22 F Condon Nate 6'2/180 5/90 Wausau Wisconsin Wausau West H.S.
27 F Schiller Joe 6'0/170 6/88 Detroit Lakes Minnesota Detroit Lakes H.S. MN State-Mankato
28 F Cook Max 6'1/165 6/90 Frankford Illinois Chicago Mission AAA Miami
29 F Filzen Justin 5'11/180 3/89 Duluth Minnesota Proctor H.S.
37 F Carew Stephen 5'10/165 12/88 Eden Prairie Minnesota Benilde St Margaret

16 D Little Ryan 5'11/168 9/88 Fon Du Lac Wisconsin Green Bay Gamblers Wisconsin
26 F McReynolds Taylor 6'0/185 1/87 Sherwood Park Alberta Canada Green Bay Gamblers

Ryan Little was absent as he was at his high school graduation. Taylor McReynolds apparently headed back to Canada prior to the All-Star Game, but will be coming back for the season if he makes the team.

Turris Video Interviews

TSN has a video interview with Kyle Turris from the NHL Draft Combine. Also featured in the piece are Blackhawks GM Dave Tallon and Flyers GM Paul Holmgren.

This is a very good clip....and pretty funny at the end when Tallon suggests that since Turris has great character he might try to get him to marry one of his daughters. The UW program also gets some nice kudos in the piece, especially from Dave Tallon.

Here's another Turris video interview. I think this may be from the NHL Finals luncheon when six of the top prospects were brought in to meet the media.

McDonagh Interview

Hockey's Future caught up with Ryan McDonagh at the NHL Draft Combine.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Gamblers Tryout Camp

The Green Bay Gamblers are hosting a tryout camp this weekend at the Cornerstone Community Center featuring 6 teams of players. There is a large contingent of players from Wisconsin including:

Nick Graves, G, Hewitt-Gamblers
Alan Armour, G, Hayward - Hayward HS
Nick Condon, D, Wausau - Marquette Rangers
Nate Condon, F, Wausau - Wausau West HS
Ryan Smet, F, FDL - FDL HS
John Byce, D, Verona - Mad Capitols
Tim Smith, D, Superior - Superior HS
Andrew Martin, G, Stoughton - Stoughton HS
Chris Glover, D, McFarland - McFarland HS
Ryan Little, D, FDL - Gamblers (committed to Wisconsin)
Zach Kohn, F, Heartland -Arrowhead HS
Sean Little, F, FDL - FDL HS
Andy Singerhouse, F, Hudson - Hill Murray HS
Seth Soley, Eau Claire - EC Memorial HS
Ted Behrend, D, Oregon - Oregon HS
Tony Turgeon, D, Ashland - Wis Jr Mustangs
Ian Andrews, F, Sheboygan - Sheb HS
Andy Freeman, F, Wauwatosa - St. Paul Lakers
Andrew McCabe, F, Eau Claire - Fairbanks Ice Dogs
Cody Strang, F, Madison - Edgewood HS
Tyler Krueger, D, Stevens Point - SPASH
Andrew Mueller, D, New Berlin - Wisconsin AAA
Braden Zehner, F, Stoughton - Stoughton

Scouts and coaches from the following have been reported at the camp: Mercyhurst, Minnesota (John Hill), Bemidji State, and Mike Milbury, the NY Islanders GM.

Thanks to GB Puck Fan for the info.

Posick & Eaves Preview 2007-2008

Brian Posick and Mike Eaves are featured on five videos that are being released one per week, starting this week. The videos will preview different areas of the Badgers for the upcoming 2007-2008 season. The first video covers the defense and goaltending.

The Ring is the Thing

It sounds like the folks in Fairbanks were enamored with Kevin Patrick's championship ring and what it represents.