Saturday, June 23, 2007

Post Draft Video Interviews with Turris, McDonagh and Smith

The NHL has videos on the three Wisconsin draftees from last night.

Here's the Kyle Turris video. He talks about being nervous and speaking with Wayne Gretzky.

Here's the Ryan McDonagh video. He talks about needing to learn French after being taken by Montreal.

Here's the Brendan Smith video. This is the best video of the three. Smith admits to being speechless when he shook Steve Yzerman's hand on the podium. He is very genuine and talks about the other Badger draftees including calling Turris a "sniper". Smith talks about wanting to win a National Championship, and describes Wisconsin's recruiting class as "stacked". At the end he admits he doesn't know how to sing "On Wisconsin" but is really, really likeable in this interview.