Saturday, June 16, 2007

Turris Gets More Love

There's not much new information in this piece on Kyle Turris from the Burnaby NewsLeader, other than maybe some detail on how hard the Vancouver Giants pursued him last offseason. It is though a very complete article about Turris, his family and his hockey background.

I am amazed that everyone he comes into contact with praises him for his leadership and the class with which he handles himself. The other thing I have seen repeatedly in articles is that Turris is so dedicated to getting better that he sticks very closely to a set dietary regimen. Based on what I continue to read, Turris very well may help a lot of the Badger players set the bar a little bit higher when it comes down to doing the "little things" that help teams become champions, even though he will only be a Freshman.

Here's another article on Turris from the NewsLeader with a different photo.

This article is a scout's look at Turris' game.