Sunday, April 29, 2007

Eaves Update from Andy Baggot

Update from Madison State Journal writer Andy Baggot. Sounds like it's just been a hot rumor going around the American Hockey Coaches Association Convention this week.

Important quotes from Baggot: "Eaves didn't return a message left on his cell phone Sunday night, but multiple sources indicated the rumor is just that.

One source said he didn't know if Eaves had been contacted by Lamoriello, but the source said Eaves was aware of the rumor and dismissed it."

So it sounds like it's just a rumor and isn't going to happen. Makes me a happy Badger fan!


Edit: My apologies to any Current or future Badgers, Coaches, and fans of the program if this rumor ends up not being true. (Which looks like it's not) I only brought it to light to keep Badger fans informed of anything that I've heard. Again...sorry.