Sunday, April 29, 2007

Women's Prospects Tournament

The Women's Prospects Tournament in Toronto was last weekend. There were girls there with birthdates from between 1988 and 1993 in the tournament from what I could see. Here are the players with Wisconsin ties that were in attendance:

Team Colgate-G Sarah Ethington Shaw Varsity Boys 9/14/1990
Team Dartmouth-G Alyssa Koniar Wisconsin Wild U19 12/23/1988
Team Guelph-F Kellie Dineen Madison Capitols U16 11/18/1991
Team Guelph-F Jamie Kenyon Madison Capitols U16 9/23/1991
Team Guelph-F Kinzey Johnson Madison Capitols U16 10/2/1991
Team Harvard-G Ilana Friedman Madison Capitols U16 11/3/1990
Team Maine-G Emily Siira Madison Capitols U16AA 1/10/1991
Team Pink Panthers-G Barb Bilko Shattuck St. Mary's U16 3/13/1990
Team Quinnipiac-G Erin Callahan Wisconsin Wild U16 2/28/1991
Team Western-F Stephanie Slinde Madison Capitols U16 10/11/1990

Six goaltenders with ties to Wisconsin is an amazing number of girls to make the trip to Toronto.