Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rumor has it: Eaves to New Jersey...:(

I know on April fools I told you guys that Mike Eaves may leave for Philladelphia for the Flyers open job at the end of the season. That was a joke. This however is not. Today I heard from reliable sources that University of Wisconsin head coach Mike Eaves is slated to take over the head coaching duties for the New Jersey Devils next season.

I wish I had more information on it but at this time I don't. Eaves has always ran an NHL type system at Wisconsin and the characteristics between styles of Wisconsin and New Jersey aren't that far off. He seems like the perfect fit with General Manager Lou Lamoriello.

Keep in mind that the sources were quoted as being extremely reliable but at this point it needs to be treated as a rumor and not fact yet.

Edit: If Eaves were to leave there are a few names I would hope are being throw out there...:

Dean Blais (Recently left his job at Columbus I believe)
Mark Johnson (Best player in Wisconsin Hockey history, has won back to back titles with the Wisconsin women)
Mark Osiecki (Current Badger top assistant coach)

Anyone else want to throw any new names out there?