Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday Morning Badger Report & Thoughts

On the whole, the UW hockey report is fairly favorable this morning. The men's team managed a 1-1 tie and one point against Michigan Tech, although they had a lot of chances to score goals. The Badger women secured a 3-2 victory over Minnesota Duluth and two points.

For some reason I thought Kyle Turris might start to carry the UW men last night, but it has not happened yet. It's not that he isn't playing well, just that I thought he might literally pick the team up and put them on his back for the stretch as he has proven to be such a clutch player. Before the season began I was thinking that it is kind of a shame that UW doesn't have some great forward playmakers to compliment Turris, and I continue to agonize about that every weekend. It's too bad that the Badgers big infusion of forward talent is likely coming in 2009, when Turris is assured of being in the NHL. I'd love to see Turris stay another year and be able to play with the likes of Brock Montpetit, Derek Stepan, Jordy Murray and Derek Lee, but most if not all of them will not be at UW until 2009. Oh well, I am excited that UW has finally been able to recruit multiple forwards who have the ability to score in bunches. It's been crazy the last two years with such a lack of scoring threats.