Friday, February 08, 2008

It's Friday, I'm in Love

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday Wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday I'm in love
-- The Cure

That's right kids; my "Friday I'm in love" posts have returned. I would've had something up earlier today, but the wireless internet in the dump I'm staying in wasn't working, and Mr 60 came back early from snowmobiling because he broke his snowmobile. But you're not really intererested in that; let's move onto the good stuff.

Todd's got the lines, as well as some pictures (here and here) -- which is good, because we forgot the camera when we walked down to campus, and my mom's going to be mad if I don't have some pictures for her. So I'll probably "steal" Todd's to show her. (Thanks, Todd!) I've already forgotten half of the statues, but I liked the Ghost Busters, Frankenstein's laboratory, and the one where monsters were destroying buildings on campus (including the ChemMet building where I spent a LOT of time as an undergrad.)

Paul Capobianco has some pictures, too, as well as a little bit on the team's in Houghton and a description of Carnival. I gotta tell ya, though, the broomball games were pretty tame so far. Although after consultation with Mr 60, I now recall that the WC broomball games always were quite a bit tamer than the dorm leagues that played at night.

Anyway, moving on to some actual hockey talk . . . Todd gives us a weekend preview and talks about how Tech is tough to play during Carnival, and Andy Baggot has a nice article about the Mitchell/Dolan/Grotting line. And of course both campus papers have weekend previews: The Badger Herald talks about the smaller ice sheet the Badgers will be playing on this weekend, and The Daily Cardinal discusses the importance of this series in the WCHA standings.

And finally, the usual suspects have their weekly WCHA notebooks: USCHO, INCH.

Moving along to the Badger Women . . . It's hard to find as much coverage, but the campus papers both have weekend previews, and I'm more than happy to pass along the links: The Badger Herald says that Badgers are looking for another championship, and The Daily Cardinal says the Badgers are looking for revenge against Duluth. All I have to say is this: Why can't we do both?