Tuesday, May 08, 2007

USHL Playoff Update

I wanted to do a USHL Playoff update a few days ago, but the USHL website was down. At any rate, here's what happened in the second round of the USHL Playoffs:

Indiana snuck past Waterloo 4-3 in overtime. Blake Kessel had two assists for Waterloo and teammate Josh Turnbull had a goal. Neither Craig Smith nor Keegan Meuer were active for the game.

Des Moines blanked Tri-City 3-0. Sean Wiles was -1 for Tri-City while teammate Luke Lucyk was even.

Des Moines edged Sioux Falls 3-2. David Solway had a goal for Tri-City in the losing effort.

Indiana slid past Cedar Rapids 4-3. Brent Gwidt was even for Indiana in the game.

Waterloo blasted Cedar Rapids 6-0. Blake Kessel and Josh Turnbull both scored goals in the game while Kessel and Craig Smith had assists in the game. Keegan Meuer was not active for Waterloo.

Sioux Falls edged Tri-City 4-3. David Solway had two assists for Sioux Falls in the victory.

The end result of the round robin second round of the playoffs is that Waterloo, Indiana, Des Moines and Sioux Falls advance to the Final Four this Saturday and Sunday. Indiana will face Sioux Falls in one semifinal while Waterloo takes on Des Moines in the other. Here's the USHL guide to the playoffs. Brett Olson managed to get a nice photo and blurb on the page about Waterloo.