Tuesday, April 03, 2007

USHL Showcase Camp Rosters for '91's and '89-'90's

The USHL has released their showcase camp rosters for 1991 birthdates as well as for 1989-1990 birthdates. The 1991 birthdates camp will be April 20-22, 2007 and the 89-90 birthdates camp will be April 27-29, 2007. The USHL should soon release the rosters for the 1992 birthdates camp which will be held May 25-27, 2007.

Here's the list of players from Wisconsin on the 1991 rosters:

Sean Little-RC-Fondy High/Team Wisconsin Minor-Team Des Moines
Sam Frank-D-Kettle Moraine-Team Green Bay
Alex Hockett-D-Madison Capitols-Team Michigan
Corey Morbeck-G-Team Wisconsin AAA-Team Michigan
Eric Johnson-LD-Madison Capitols-Team Omaha
Jonathan Roessler-LW-Madison Capitals-Team Omaha
Austin King-F-Madison Capitols-Team Omaha
Sydney Kroll-D-Madison Capitols-Team Sioux Falls

Here's a list of the players from Wisconsin on the 1989-1990 rosters:

Brett Bower-LW-Team Wisconsin-Team Cedar Rapids
Jeff Burke-D-Team Wisconsin-Team Des Moines
Michael Johnson-G-Madison Capitols-Team Des Moines
Jake Suter-F-Madison Capitols-Team Green Bay
Andrew "AJ" Mueller-D-Wisconsin AAA-Team Harvard
Jeff Grignon-RC-Wisconsin AAA-Team Harvard
Jacob Ransom-LW-Wisconsin AAA-Team Harvard
Joseph Scheib-G-Team Wisconsin-Team Harvard (typo? Must be Andy Scheib)
Logan Maly-LD-Madison Capitols-Team Lincoln
Mike Lennon-F-Team Wisconsin-Team Tri-City
Zachary Lewis-F-Wisconsin AAA-Team Vermont
Marty O'Grady-F-Wisconsin AAA-Team Vermont