Sunday, April 08, 2007

2007 WAHA Bantam Festival

The rosters for the 2007 Bantam Festival have been released. It's interesting to go through the rosters and concentrate on the last names and which sectional they are from. There appear to be lots of younger brothers of very talented players who are currently playing high school hockey or recently played high school hockey. I'm not an expert on the Eau Claire area (help me out here Chuck, are they all brothers?), but there have been very good players through that area with the last names of Soley (Seth), McCabe (Andrew), Dahl (Jefferson) and Otto (Dylan)recently, and I'm guessing the players on that WAHA Bantam Roster are their brothers. Another name that jumps out at me is Condon on the Schofield roster. I'll have to assume that's Nate Condon's brother.