Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Night UW Game Thoughts

*The announcers on WPT threw out the stat that the Badger defenseman only scored 59 points last season, which was the lowest total EVER in the history of the Badger hockey program. I had not heard that before and was amazed by it. Fortunately for everyone, that should not be an issue this season with the addition of Smith, Goloubef and McDonagh.

*Ben Grotting's penalty in the first period was a bad penalty, as was Patrick Johnson's near center ice in the second period. There were many times last season when I griped about Grotting's penalties, so I'm not happy to see he has not learned from the mistakes he made last season.

* The defensemen seemed to be getting knocked down quite a bit in the corners in the first period. I can't always make out the numbers on TV as to which defensemen are sliding around on the ice.

*Robert Morris' first goal appeared to be scored when Klubertanz and Drewiske got tangled up with one another behind the net. What the hell are two Senior defensemen doing behind the net at the same time???

*Kyle Turris tends to shine in big games, and the home opener at UW is a big game. I had the feeling he might put some points on the board tonight, and he did not disappoint.

*Do you think butterly-style goalies that have to face UW this season are reconsidering their goaltending style based on Turris' ability to sniper the top corners? Even goaltenders that play more upright give up top shelf goals to Turris-witness the end of the second period tonight.

*Brendan Smith made two really nice moves to beat two defenders and get the puck to the net on the fifth goal, which Kyle Turris buried.

*With his goal tonight, Blake Geoffrion is already half way to his goal total from last season.

*I just took a quick peek at the individual statistics for the team following the game. Of the players with the top 7 point totals on the team, 5 are defensemen!