Sunday, August 26, 2007

Team Canada Women Sweep U-22 & U-18 Series

The US Women's U-18 Select Team lead Team Canada 2-0 on Friday, but ended up losing the game in overtime 3-2. UW recruit Brooke Ammerman scored the first goal while Wisconsinite Brianna Decker scored the second.

Team Canada completed the sweep of the U-18 team by a score of 4-1 today, even though Team USA outshot them 25-23 in the game.

The US Women's U-22 Select Team fell to Team Canada Friday by a score of 3-2. Meghan Duggan from UW had an assist in the game.

Team Canada completed the sweep of the U-22 team today by a score of 4-3. Jinelle Zaugg from UW had two goals, one of which UW recruit Hillary Knight assisted on.

Megan Duggan kept a blog for the series, which can be found here. Elliott Olshansky looks at this series by school in this article, although he didn't include recruits as we did here at Hockey in Wisconsin.