Friday, August 31, 2007

Jake Gardiner v. Marion Gaborik

Apparently there were a bunch of players skating at the Rec Center in St. Louis Park -- mostly NHL and college players, but 2 high school players as well, including Jake Gardiner. Jake got to skate against Marion Gaborik for a bit and reportedly did pretty well.

Budish got to skate on a line with Parrish and Gaborik at the end of the scrimmage, and Gardiner, a forward-turned-defenseman, had to deal with Gaborik flying in one-on-one. The kid held his own and even went on the attack a few times.

Nice to hear! Way to go Jake!

I liked this quote from Jake's dad, too.

“He didn’t know what to expect, and the first guy he sees in the parking lot was Boogaard,” laughed Gardiner’s father, John. “Yesterday he’s skating with sophomores. Today he’s skating with Gaborik.”

Thanks to The Exiled One for the heads-up on this.