Friday, July 20, 2007

Select 14's Finish Up

Today was the final day of games for the Boys Select 14's. Unfortunately their website is currently down and I can't link to any of their information. At any rate, here's some other information about the Select 14's:

Someone had posted the question about where the Wisconsin players were from. My man on the ground at the Select 14's reports that Morbeck & Platz are from Wisconsin AAA in Milwaukee. Racino is from Merrill and plays for the Capitols. King is from Fond du Lac and played for WI AAA last year, but may play in Chicago next year. Schmaltz played for the Mission in Chicago last year.

Here's another report I received via e-mail from my source, which is likely his last report:

#14 Orange Colin Jacobs and #8 white Zac Larreza are two other forwards who stood out at camp. Alex Raccino went home on Thursday. This really hurts him as he was having a good camp. He missed his last two games. The USNTDP has liked #2 Jokim Ryan.