Monday, July 16, 2007

Select 14 National Development Camp

Here are the Wisconsin players at the Select 14 National Development Camp:

Tyler Platz - Goaltender
Jacob McCabe - Defenseman
Jordan Schmaltz - Defenseman
Alex Racino - Forward
Trevor Morbeck - Forward
Lane King - Forward

Here are the stats for the leading scorers, and the goaltender stats can be found here.

Hockey in Wisconsin is fortunate to have a "spy" on the ground at the Select 14 Tournament. I had asked him what scouts were at a camp for players of this age and he indicates that there are prep schools, Tier 1 AAA teams and CHL scouts there. There also is a contingent of agents, although they are instructed not to speak to the players. The players that have jumped out at our spy so far are #9 Grey-Shane McColgan and #9 Royal-Dominik Shine. He also reports that the Wisconsin players fit in very well in terms of their ability.