Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Catchin' Up With the USHL

Over the weekend there was a ton of USHL action, as well as Monday night. I'm going to cover some highlights from those three days.

Friday night found Blake Kessel flexing his muscles on the power play, scoring two goals and an assist for Waterloo against Lincoln in a 3-2 victory in which Kessel was named First Star of the Game. Brett Olson had a goal and an assist on the power play as well, earning him Second Star of the Game honors. Kessel, Keegan Meuer, Craig Smith and Brock Montpetit finished -1. Brett Olson and Scott Pavelski finished even.

On Saturday, 6'4" Travis Erstad had an assist and a fight against 5'9" Nielsson Arcibal that earned him 15 penalty minutes. Also of interest is that Erstad had the first assist on the first goal, yet was off the ice according to the stat sheet when the goal was scored. I realize that is not impossible, but fairly improbable.

Monday night found Blake Kessel and other Wisconsinites filling the stat sheet during their game against Cedar Rapids which Waterloo won 4-1. Kessel had a goal and two assists, Brett Olson had two goals and Keegan Meuer had an assist. Olson was named First Star of the Game while Kessel was Second Star of the Game.