Friday, November 16, 2007

Tracking Wisconsin Born Talent

I (Chuck Schwartz) have been tinkering with a new website to track the progress of Wisconsin born hockey players once they leave the high school ranks. I have started a new site at this LINK. (Hopefully I can clean up that URL soon)

The goal of the site is to keep stats of almost all Wisconsin born players at the Junior level and above. As of right now I don't plan to track the smaller professional leagues or the smaller junior leagues. The leagues that I do plan to track as of right now (subject to change): NHL, AHL, ECHL, D-1 college, D-3 college, USHL, NAHL, OHL, and the MNJHL.

So far I have the NHL, AHL, ECHL, D-1, and D-3 updated. Hopefully I can update the junior leagues over the weekend.

If you find any players that have been missed so far or in the future, e-mail me at