Thursday, November 29, 2007

Player of the Year Watch

So I've had this list of players, printed on the back of an envelope, sitting next to my computer for a few weeks (or about the time Seth Soley went to the USHL, since I pretty much figured he had it wrapped up had he stayed at Eau Claire Memorial). It's a list of players I think merit watching for high school player of the year. I've been trying to narrow the list down to either 8 or 10 players, but just can't quite come to a consensus. Since I've only listed a total of 12 players, I figure I might as well just throw them all out there for everyone to see.

The Wisconsin Hockey Coaches Association does not list their criteria for this award on their website, but judging by the fact that all 8 finalists last season were Seniors, I believe that is a criteria, and have made my list accordingly. These are roughly in the order I have them ranked.

F-Jefferson Dahl-Eau Claire Memorial
F-Nate Condon-Wausau West
F-Cody Lettau-Fond du Lac
D-Tim Smith-Superior
D-Ted Behrend-Oregon
G-Brady Sand-Eau Claire Memorial
D-Brady Keegan-Eau Claire Memorial
D-David Donellan-Eau Claire Memorial
F-Casey Kirley-Hayward
F-Trent Frey-River Falls
D-Tyler Sorenson-Edgewood
D-Ryan Tess Wanat-Fond du Lac

I could spend a lot of time rationalizing my picks, but everyone will probably want to tell me I'm wrong, I'll save us both the time and just let you get to leaving your comments!