Monday, May 14, 2007

USHL Draft Begins Tomorrow Morning

The USHL Draft begins Tuesday, March 15th at 9 AM Central Time. Here is a link to the draft site. The draft order is as follows:

1. Chicago Steel
2. Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets
3. Green Bay Gamblers
4. Indiana Ice
5. Des Moines Buccaneers
6. Sioux City Musketeers
7. Sioux Falls Stampede
8. Lincoln Stars
9. Tri-City Storm
10. Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
11. Omaha Lancers
12. Waterloo Black Hawks

Here's a list of the players from Wisconsin on the 1989-1990 USHL Showcase rosters:

Brett Bower-LW-Team Wisconsin-Team Cedar Rapids
Jeff Burke-D-Team Wisconsin-Team Des Moines
Michael Johnson-G-Madison Capitols-Team Des Moines
Jake Suter-F-Madison Capitols-Team Green Bay
Andrew "AJ" Mueller-D-Wisconsin AAA-Team Harvard
Jeff Grignon-RC-Wisconsin AAA-Team Harvard
Jacob Ransom-LW-Wisconsin AAA-Team Harvard
Joseph Scheib-G-Team Wisconsin-Team Harvard (typo? Must be Andy Scheib)
Logan Maly-LD-Madison Capitols-Team Lincoln
Mike Lennon-F-Team Wisconsin-Team Tri-City
Zachary Lewis-F-Wisconsin AAA-Team Vermont
Marty O'Grady-F-Wisconsin AAA-Team Vermont

Here's the list of players from Wisconsin that were on the 1991 USHL Showcase rosters:

Sean Little-RC-Fondy High/Team Wisconsin Minor-Team Des Moines
Sam Frank-D-Kettle Moraine-Team Green Bay
Alex Hockett-D-Madison Capitols-Team Michigan
Corey Morbeck-G-Team Wisconsin AAA-Team Michigan
Eric Johnson-LD-Madison Capitols-Team Omaha
Jonathan Roessler-LW-Madison Capitals-Team Omaha
Austin King-F-Madison Capitols-Team Omaha
Sydney Kroll-D-Madison Capitols-Team Sioux Falls

Here's the list of players from Wisconsin that are on the 1992 USHL Showcase rosters (which is coming up at the end of the month):

Team Cedar Rapids-Marcus Zelzer-GB Jr. Gamblers
Team Chicago-Ryan Belonger-GB Jr. Gamblers
Team Chicago-Gage Maurer (F)-Madison Capitols
Team Des Moines-Matt Lennon (F)-Madison Capitols
Team Des Moines-Kyle Komplin (F)-Madison Capitols
Team Green Bay-Shaughn Dean (D)-Madison Capitols
Team Green Bay-Kamen Klasinski-GB Jr. Gamblers
Team Green Bay-Joey Haydock-GB Jr. Gamblers
Team Sioux City-Tyler Menucci-GB Jr. Gamblers
Team Sioux City-Danny Bartkowiak (F)-Madison Capitols
Team Sioux Falls-Christopher Eick-GB Jr. Gamblers
Team Waterloo-Tyler Jacobson (D)-Madison Capitols