Monday, December 25, 2006

Girls High School Hockey Rankings

Here they are, the original girls high school hockey rankings:

1. (1) Onalaska 6-0-0 Playing in Rochester, MN tourney this week
2. (2) Superior 7-4-0 Eleven games already in the books for the Spartans
3. (3) St. Croix Valley 7-2-0 Handled Hudson this week
4. (4) Point/Rapids 4-2-1 Idle last week...3 games this week
5. (5) Fondy/Waupun 4-3-0 Also playing in Rochester, MN tourney this week

Honorable Mention:
Milwaukee North Shore 4-2-0 Four straight wins after losing first two
Appleton 4-2-1 Twenty-eight goals for and twelve goals against this season
Chippewa Falls 4-1-0 Averaging 7 goals per game after putting up 11 on New Richmond

Am I losing my mind or did the Coaches Poll move Eau Claire/Altoona into the Top 5 this week after they were not ranked last week? Also did Badger Thunder move onto the Honorable Mention this week after being not ranked last week? I believe that is what happened, and I'm trying to figure out why since both teams were inactive last week. You wouldn't think you'd have inconsistencies when you have 23 Coaches voting but I suppose some don't vote every week, some only see certain teams and don't spend much time looking at other teams' records, etc. Let me know if I'm just imagining these things....